Aaron Denton

Aaron grew up on a family-built and family-operated cattle ranch in central Texas; his childhood was marked by a continual process of building, demolishing, and re-building houses, barns, fences, and infrastructure.

After a BA in Philosophy from Baylor University and a Masters in Architecture from UTSA, with a compulsion to be an architect that understood first and foremost the material construction and process of assembling buildings, Aaron went to work with Austin iconoclast Jay Hargrave.

With Hargrave Architecture, Aaron spent years designing and building contemporary homes and commercial spaces, and personally fabricating the custom building parts that bring those spaces to life. He has extensive experience with construction management, scheduling, and budgeting, as well as a high level of personal craftsmanship with wood, steel, and concrete.

Aaron founded Denton Architects in 2017. He is a licensed Architect in the state of Texas.